It’s a story that is beautiful. It’s a story that should be recorded for all time. It’s a story that is an example of what love truly is about. And it’s a story that you can pass on to your children so that they can teach their own children about the power of love. It’s a story written by you…


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The Beauty of Your Story

       Our style as photographers is to tell the story that unfolds around us. We focus on the intimate interactions between you and your loved ones on your special day. Our hope is that, throughout the planning process of your wedding, we can become friends to you and your family. That way, you are all comfortable with us being so close to you on your wedding day, capturing those special, intimate moments as they happen. We truly feel that the better we know you, then the better we will be able to do our job, which is to tell your story. If you choose Dustin Baker Photography as your photographer, we will make you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself by giving you wedding pictures that emphasize the power of the love that brought you two together.

       Our style isn’t about the look of the edit, the backdrop, or the black and white nostalgia. Our style is about the love you share. It’s about the way your heart skips a beat the first time you see your bride coming down the aisle. It’s about the way his touch let’s you know that you are loved more than words could ever describe. It’s about all of those little moments that we will capture in your photographs, and it’s about the feeling of great joy and immense love that you will feel each and every time you see your wedding photos. We believe that having a tangible reminder of your love and the story that brought you together can only make your love stronger and sustain your relationship even in difficult times.

This is your story.

We want to give you photographs that tell your story…


Katie & JonathanKatie & JonathanTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingTiya & Casey | Knolle Farm & Ranch WeddingKelsey&Dustin-5.jpgKelsey&Dustin-4.jpgKelsey&Dustin-2.jpgKelsey&Dustin-13.jpgKelsey&Dustin-30.jpgKelsey&Dustin-31.jpgKelsey&Dustin-53.jpgKelsey&Dustin-61.jpgKelsey&Dustin-56.jpgKatie & JonathanKatie & JonathanKatie & JonathanKatie & JonathanKatie & JonathanVivian & Dakota // Rockport WeddingVivian & Dakota // Rockport WeddingVivian & Dakota // Rockport WeddingVivian & Dakota // Rockport WeddingKatie & Hunter - Engagement-9.jpgKristin & Colt - Engagement-5.jpgBuck WeddingBuck WeddingAlita & WillJA & Mitch - Engagement-9.jpgJA & Mitch - Engagement-13.jpgJA & Mitch - Engagement-6.jpgJA & Mitch - Engagement-4.jpgAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobAshley & JacobMindy & Rob // Texas State AquariumMindy & Rob // Texas State AquariumMindy & Rob // Texas State AquariumMindy & Rob // Texas State AquariumMindy & Rob // Texas State Aquarium

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Costs & Options

Our focus is entirely on creating images that represent your love for each other and the ones you love.


Every Client Receives:
Team Coverage for the duration of your purchased package
A private online viewing gallery for one year
Final high-resolution digital files
A full print release
Extensive pre-wedding consulting

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer, Dustin Baker Photography, wedding photography, s

Dustin, you and your team were never pushy or awkward about taking pictures at our wedding. You were kind and friendly with our families and besides the cameras, seemed to be just one of the guests! You certainly lived up to and beyond our expectations of a photographer. Thank you!

- Stephanie & Aron, Dallas, Texas


Wedding Packages start at just $1150.
We offer a variety of different wedding packages that are designed to fit any budget. We are happy to work with you individually to develop a package that best fits your needs and budget. Please contact us today to design a custom package that fits your vision for your special day!


 Professional hair and make-up services also available upon request.

 All prices are subject to Texas State Sales Tax.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions


We give you a way to relive your story and we give you a way to enjoy your most important relationships.
We believe that your story and your loved ones are the most beautiful things we could ever show you, so that’s what we photograph.


Yes, if you are most excited about spending time with your loved ones. Any meaningful gathering of two or more in a reasonably charming or natural environment plays to our strengths. Our style is to tell your story, as it happens, not to influence your day in any way.


First, we will have a meeting, then you will sign up with a non-refundable retainer fee equal to 50% of your total package cost to hold your date.
The balance is due at least one week prior to the wedding date. That way, nobody has to worry about money on your wedding day – We want your focus to be on each other!
We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal. We also offer really easy financing!


Every wedding is different. Some require 4-5 hours of time on location, others require a full day, or sometimes even two! So travel costs for weddings outside of the area are determined by the specifics of your wedding day. If a number of hours of drive time or an overnight stay are required for us to reasonably be able to capture all that you want and deserve, then there will be some additional cost. This additional cost is negotiable and reasonable, so please do not let distance deter you. We are available and more than willing to travel!

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Within 60 days from the wedding, you’ll get a link to your private section of this website.
You can view the photographs, order prints, and download the high-resolution files at your leisure over the next year.


Yes, and sometimes Third Shooters! Team coverage is included in every package we offer. This helps us to guarantee even greater coverage of your special day. When you hire Dustin Baker Photography, you get the entire team for no additional cost.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Ranch At San Patricio Chapel Night

You did an amazing job at capturing what our day was all about! You have such a great personality and we absolutely love the quality of your work! The pictures came out so amazing!

- Mindy & Rob, Corpus Christi, Texas

Wedding Albums

You may purchase wedding albums separately from your commission of photographs if your package does not already include one.
Costs range from $300 for beautiful, modern coffee-table style books to $600 for classic Signature Albums with Prestige binding and pages. There are many styles and sizes available.
Albums and books may be ordered at any time and do not have to be included in the upfront wedding photography services packages.

Real Weddings

There is simply nothing like the feeling of owning a full collection of images that remind you of the ones you love and the love they bestowed upon you on your special day!
Here are a few recent weddings that we have had the honor to be a part of. Your special day has a spot reserved right here!
  • corpus-christi-wedding-photogrpher-knolle-farm-and-ranch
  • corpus christi wedding photgraphers photography photographer
  • Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer, Dustin Baker Photography, wedding photography, s
  • Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Texas State Aquarium RossWedding 1711
  • Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Ranch At San Patricio Collier Wedding 0288
  • Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer FreasWedding 3080
  • corpus christi wedding photographer courtyard at gaslight square

About Us

A few years ago I discovered a God-given ability to see the beauty in people’s relationships and translate it into photographs they can feel. I take great pride in every wedding that I have the honor to be a part of. My team and I strive to offer the highest level of service and the best quality for each of our clients. My promise to you is that your wedding images will stand the test of time, just like the vow you make to each other on your wedding day.

- Dustin Baker, Owner/Photographer

       First of all, congratulations you on your engagement! You are embarking on a wonderful journey towards a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives!

       Dustin Baker Photography specializes in Wedding Photography in the Corpus Christi and South Texas area. We know, that when it comes to choosing a photographer for your wedding, there are many options for you to choose from. We would be honored to be your choice. Our goal is to provide you with a unique experience. We will always strive to capture you and yours with reality and art in mind. We do  not want to be seen as a just another vendor for you on your wedding day; we  would love to be considered as friends. We always like to get to know our clients on a personal level so that we can capture their true, unique personalities when we photograph them. We think that you will find that we are very easy to work with and we think you’ll have a lot of fun with us!

       Our photographic style leans towards photo-journalistic/documentary – capturing your day as it happens. Yes, formal family photos are important, but we love the natural shots, the shots that aren’t posed, the shots that aren’t scripted, the shots that tell the story of your day. We also love to focus on the details. You have spent months (even your whole life) planning and creating your perfect wedding day. Each of those little details means something to you. We want to capture those little things as they are all pieces of your story.

        It would be an honor to be chosen as your photographer. You and your fiance’ will be the ones making the vows, but our promise to you is that we will capture those intimate moments and the love that you and all of your loved ones share on your special day. We know the stress that planning a wedding can cause and we can assure you, that if we have the great honor of being selected as your wedding photographer, you will have one less thing to worry about.

       Please contact us today to set up a free consultation. We can be reached at (361) 537-1700 or via the contact form at the bottom of this page. We sincerely look forward to meeting you!

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